Following are the various field and product detail that the company deals with:

1. Telecommunication

Key Telephone/PABX Systems
Communication Cables and Connectors
Power Cables & Switching Equipment
Data Modems, Modules, Attenuators, Jackfields, Panels and Converters etc.
Uninterrupted Power supply Equipment
Last mile communication Solutions Access Network Equipment (PCM/Voice and data Multiplexer).
Transmission Equipment
Network Equipment and Systems
Optical Network
Data Communication
NGN Technology Equipment
Electronics Components
Processors, and
Wireless Networks
IC Designs
definition Information Cat 5 and Cat 6 Cables

2. Radio & Satellite Communication

HF, VHF/UHF System & Test Equipments
Batteries, Accessories and Spare Parts of Radio Products
Communication towers & Antennas
Solid State Transmitters and Microwave Systems
Satellite Communication Products and Accessories
DMO Repeater Radio
Hand held range
Wireless adaptor
Highly mobile VHF Band 3D Air Surveillance Target Indication Radar

3. Defence

Arms & Ammunitions

Mortar Bomb, Tank Ammunitions, Hand Grenades and all types of Arms & Ammunitions
C90 CR (M3) – A Light Disposable Anti Tank Weapon System Family
Arms & Ammunitions products

Military Equipments, Communication & Logistics

Tactical Modem & Military Communication Products
Military Logistics Equipments, Hospital displayable systems
Military Batteries, Accessories and Spare Parts
Infrared Cameras for Different Applications
Aircraft Spare Parts and Repair & Maintenance of Equipment
Barrel Inspection System.
Anti -Tank Missile, Anti-armour / Anti-structure short range weapon.
Military Safety Equipments.
Night Vision Sight
Night Vision Goggle
Portable X-ray Machine for Heavy Vehicles
Military Rechargeable Batteries & Adapters
Military Primary Disposable batteries
OEM Batteries Charges
Field Catering Equipment
Food Transport
Field Refrigeration
Meals Distribution


G6 Simulator
Forward Observation Officer Simulator
Driving Simulator
Infantry Simulator

4. Electronics

Fiber Optic
Centre Conductor Copper ad steel
Truck Cable
Centre Conductor copper
Amplifiers and RF Measuring Instruments
Connector and Adapters
Outdoor Multi- Media Taps